The Higher Running Premium Membership!



What’s Included (Scroll below for more details on each!)

  • Access to Higher Running Training Plans.*($250+value)
  • Training Peaks basic account will allow you to analyze your running data, track your progress, and more all from your phone or computer!
  • Private training videos which will include:
    • Training advice.
    • Follow along exercise videos.
    • A monthly video where Sandi & Sage will answer your questions and address specific training topics.
  • The Sage Running Secret (eBook)
  • Access to our Discord group to get your training questions personally answered by Sage & Sandi.
  • Core strength routines
  • Special discounts for Athlete Blood Test and Higher Running Merchandise



Training Plans

We realize that great coaching is both a science and an art – and we’ve used this philosophy (as well as knowledge gained from our own careers as runners) along with experience from coaching many others, to create plans that emphasize a consistent, smart progression: A true Higher Running™ experience!

All training plans come with pdf files for the plan in miles and kilometers as well as The Higher Running Training Guide and the Higher Running Core Strength Routine.





All of our training plans* are included for the Any Surface, Any Distance runners! Use the membership to train for a fast 5k in winter and a 100k trail race in the summer, or whatever you’d like! You’ll also be able to move runs around to better fit your schedule. Your premium Training Peaks membership will allow you to write in your comments for each run and give you a variety of training metrics so you can track your progress, using the Training Peaks app on your phone or computer! 




*Training plans include all of our current training plans, except for a few of our free plans, the text part of the Mind-Body 50k plan, the 5k and 10k Level 1 plan and the new 100k plans (they’re just not yet typed up in Training Peaks, but we can still send them to you!). The Aerobic Base building plan is included. Additionally, we will be offering the All-In plan to everyone who has subscribed to the membership for over a month.




Core Strength & Videos

Follow along with the Higher Running coaches for your pre-run warm-up routine and core strength sessions! We’ll be adding videos throughout the year with additional advice and workouts to help keep your training exciting. We’ll also be answering your training questions with monthly videos.




Connect with the Any Surface, Any Distance community from anywhere around the world with the premium members Discord! Get continued motivation and have your training questions answered by The Higher Running coaches and fellow members.




Special Discounts

Exclusive discounts on all of our Any Surface Any Distance Merchandise!


All members will have access to a special discount on blood panels from Athlete Blood Test.




Join the Higher Running Community today and take your Any Surface, Any Distance training to the next level! 

Let’s train at a Higher level.⁣
Let’s climb Higher summits.⁣
Let’s live with Higher meaning.⁣
Let’s run Higher, together. ⁣


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