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New Hat Designs!

The Hats Are Back (US Domestic Shipping only)! We have 3 new Hat Designs branded with our Higher Running and/or “Any Surface Any Distance” Taglines/Logo. Fill out the order form below (US ONLY SHIPPING) and then you’ll get an invoice from us to pay via the PayPal (accepts most credit cards) to complete your order. Once we receive your payment we will ship to your hat(s) to your shipping address. Thanks so much for your support 🙏.


Coach Sandi and Sage

Style Option #1: Our Running Trucker Hat with Green/Marron colors, a mountain design in the front, birds on the side and our “Any Surface Any Distance” tagline up front with “Higher Running” on the back!

Style Option #2: Our other Running Trucker Hat style in black/blue with our “Higher Running” mountain and bird logo up front, birds on the side and our “Any Surface Any Distance” motto written on the back!

Option #3: Our new Beanie (warm hat!) design with the “Higher Running” logo in Green/Maroon.

FREE SHIPPING ON BEANIES! (Limited time offer) The form below will say $9.99 for shipping but you will not need to pay for it.

(US Domestic Shipping Only!) To order a Hat please fill out the form below! We will process your order and ship it out after we get your order info and invoice you for payment at the email address you provide. Thanks so much for your support and happy running!

-Coach Sandi and Sage

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