Learn the strategies that will help you run stronger and faster than ever.

It's time for you to confidently take your training into your own hands. No more guessing, feeling like you can never quite perform at the level you want, or spending thousands of dollars on individual coaching. This course focuses on how to apply all of the best, scientifically backed strategies that will take your running to the next level. Knowledge is a wonderful thing, but it’s only beneficial when you know how to actually use it. We’ll teach you what you need to know and how to apply it so you can reach your true potential. You'll get to the start line knowing you're ready to run well. You'll be able to race with energy, strength, and a mindset that supports you every mile.

In this course you’ll learn

  • How to analyze your current movement patterns and make corrections so you get the most out of your strength sessions and prevent injuries.
  • Look at your running form and make the correct adjustments.
  • Write your own training plans for 5ks to 100+ mile races.
  • How to correctly fuel and hydrate before and during races.
  • Optimize your recovery so you can get the most out of your training while feeling better than ever.
  • The mindset strategies that can take your running to the next level and even positively influence your entire life.
  • & so much more!

Do you have big running goals?

Maybe in the past, you’ve put all the miles in but still fell short of your goal. Perhaps you kept giving yourself reasons to skip runs and never gave your running goals your best shot. Or maybe you always feel like you’re missing a piece of the puzzle to really get the most out of your training. No matter the situation, we know how disappointing and frustrating it can be to not perform how you want. You’ve got big running goals and it’s time for you to learn how to achieve them. Whether you consider yourself a beginner or an advanced runner, we'll show you everything you need to do for you to become the runner you've always known you could be.

“A wonderful knowledge-packed course for all things running-related!

Whether you're a beginner just diving into running or an experienced veteran looking for one more optimization, this course has something for you. Coach Sandi & Sage will coach you through an effective thought process, and prepare you to become your own best coach.” -Allen Z.

A few of the things you'll receive

  • 40+ lessons and 3.5 hours of video content
  • Supporting PDF files that will help you apply everything you’re learning
  • Two strength workouts and two core workouts
  • The Higher Running Intermediate Half Marathon Plan
  • The Higher Running BQ Marathon Plan
  • The Higher Running 50 Miler Beginner to Intermediate Plan (The training plans alone are worth $70!)
  • A list of Higher Running speed workouts, many of which aren’t in our pre-made training plans
  • Specific advice for both trail and road runners
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the course. You'll always be able to come back to the course and refresh your memory.
  • BONUS 1: The Higher Running ALL-IN Plan! For 16 weeks get extra training tips and mindset tools!

SPECIAL BONUS: Access to our Premium Membership for 100 days. You'll have access to ALL of our training plans on Training Peaks, be able to discuss what you're learning with us whenever you want, have access to tons of private training videos, and more! 

We created this program with you in Mind

 Since the very start of creating our coaching business, we've prioritized athlete empowerment. After a decade of coaching and running professionally, we wanted to create a course that would leave people feeling more empowered than ever to take charge of their own running, feel stronger on a daily basis, and reach their goals. Every single part of this course has been tested and proven to work. Ourselves and our athletes have used the information in this course to win championship races, run PRs from 5ks to 100 miles, and race with more confidence and joy. 


This course also came from realizing that we can't coach everyone (we wish we could!), some people can't afford personal coaching, and many people prefer to train themselves. This course is for you. Once completed, you can train yourself confidently knowing you have everything you need to successfully coach yourself.

"It makes it much easier to start coaching myself when I have blueprints laid out for me!"

“Great course! I like how most videos are not too long. for me at least it is easier to digest the information when it comes in shorter videos and it is much easier to focus the entire video from start to end. The videos being fairly short also makes them easier to revisit when a refresher is needed. The supplemental material that is given away with the videos are great as well, It makes it much easier to start coaching myself when I have blueprints laid out for me (thinking of the "Create your own training plan" and the mobility/strength pdf). I also like how the course is aimed at different types of running (5k,10k, ultra, etc).” -Emil C.

What this course is and Is Not

This is a course about applying what research has shown to be the best strategies for runners. It's not a science course. Understanding how the Krebs cycle applies to running isn't going to help you become a better runner. This course is about you having enough information to feel motivated to do something and most importantly, the practical strategies that you can start implementing right away. After each section of the course, you're going to feel empowered with the tools you learned so that you can start making improvements right away.



If you feel anxious before speed workouts and constantly self-sabotage your running, you're going to have the mindset skills to start to change that. If training often leaves you feeling depleted or injured, you're going to know exactly what to look for and prevent that in the future. If you can never get your nutrition right at races, you're going to now have a nutrition plan that will keep your stomach happy and support your race-day energy needs. We truly mean it when we say we care about empowering you with everything you need to coach yourself. From building your own training plan to developing a stronger mindset, we've got you covered.

"I highly recommend this course to any runner willing to improve his knowledge of the fundamentals of training and to quickly implement all the benefits in his own training.”

'”As a mostly self-coached runner I took the online 'Ultimate Running Course' wishing to improve my running training. This course provided me with very valuable knowledge on many different aspects linked to running such as strength & mobility, running form, creating my own training plan, nutrition, recovery... Not only do you get the coaches' insights and deep experience but also a whole bunch of very useful references to scientific articles and studies! The course is well structured and balanced in terms of content which is a mix of videos and texts including downloadable documents to refine the different topics tackled during the course. I highly recommend this course to any runner willing to improve his knowledge of the fundamentals of training and to quickly implement all the benefits in his own training.” -Stéphane H.

Ready to start coaching yourself?

  • Learn from trusted, experienced coaches and professional runners. 
  • 40+ lessons on strength training, running form, creating training plans, nutrition, recovery, mindset & more!
  • Practical strategies you can implement right away with downloadable documents to help you.
  • Our world-famous training plans that have already helped thousands of runners reach their running goals. ($70+ value!)
  • Confidently coach yourself instead of paying for monthly coaching. ($2,400-$7,200+ per year value!)

All this and years of saving yourself from monthly coaching payments for only $249.99

BONUS: The Higher Running ALL-IN Plan! For 16 weeks get extra training tips and mindset tools!

Course Curriculum

Move Better & Get Stronger to Run Your Best

  • Strength & Movement Self-Assessment Part 2: Learning What to Look For
  • The Importance of Mobility
  • Strength Training for Runners
  • Tips for Better Muscle Activation
  • Strength Workout One
  • Strength Workout Two
  • Core Workout One
  • Core Workout Two

Find Your Optimal Running Form

  • Advice for Changing Your Running Form
  • Your Running Form: What to Look For
  • Running Form Drills
  • Uphill & Downhill Running Form
  • How to Follow Through with Your Form Changes

How to Create a Great Training Plan Specifically For You

  • Different Types of Runs to Apply to Your Training
  • Figuring Out Your Workout Paces
  • Designing Your Training Plan (3 Parts/Videos)
  • Making a Race Pacing Plan

Eat Your Way to Stronger Runs

  • Pre-Race Nutrition: What You Should Eat Before a Race
  • Race Nutrition for Half Marathons and Marathons
  • Ultra Race Day Nutrition
  • Post Run Recovery Nutrition
  • Everyday Nutrition and Why It Matters

Know What Your Body is Telling You & Recover Quicker

  • Knowing Your Body to Perform at Your Best
  • Strategies to Recover Faster
  • When to Use Heart Rate Monitors & Recovery Trackers
  • Should You Run Right After a Race?

You Can Train Your Mind to Run & Live Better

  • The Importance of Training Your Mind
  • Finding the Time & Creating Motivation
  • Choose the Better Thought

"“The Ultimate Running Course is one of Higher Running’s crowning achievements. This course is a comprehensive and versatile course for any type of runner, whether you are just starting out or are a seasoned distance or ultra-runner. Everything you need to learn about self-training and self-coaching is in this course.

Coach Sandi and Coach Sage provide their seasoned knowledge and expertise in videos that are of reasonable length and the course content is broken down into manageable sections, which will not overload your brain. The accompanying text, PDFs and links are perfect accompaniments to the videos and provide you with the necessary tools to train and coach yourself. As an older athlete who is currently sidelined with injury, I am so excited that this course allows me to study and learn self-training and self-coaching now, then implement what I’ve learned when fully recovered and ready to lace up the running shoes!" -Doreen H.