• Q: How do I receive my Higher Running Training Plan Purchase?

A: All training plans are sent to the email you provided immediately upon purchase. Please be sure to download them as soon as you receive them, as the plan links will expire (email support@higherrunning.com if your plans expired and need new links). Sometimes the Training Plans go to junk/spam, so check there if you’re not seeing them anywhere!

  • Q: Are your Training Plans compatible with TrainingPeaks?

A: If you join our Higher Running Premium Membership, you get access to all our Training Plans that can sync seamlessly with TrainingPeaks. However, if you buy a one-off training plan, it will be emailed to you in a PDF format.

  • Q: Who can I contact for help?

A: Please email Trevor at support@higherrunning.com, and he’ll do his best to get you sorted with whatever you need!

  • Q: I got injured/missed a workout! What should I do?

A: Our Training Guide (included with all training plan purchases) will walk you through how to deal with your training if it’s not going according to plan. 

  • Q: I have a really busy week at work, and I won’t have time to run every workout. What should I prioritize?

A: All our plans are meant to be as flexible as possible because we know that life happens. If it’s just an unusually busy week at work, try to get done what you can and then proceed to use the plan as prescribed. See our Training Guide for more help on this topic (it covers a lot!).

  • Q: I accidentally bought the wrong type of plan; can I get a refund/exchange?

A: Unfortunately, due to the nature of our online plan distribution format, we cannot give refunds or exchanges for buying the wrong training plan as there is no way to “take back” the training plan. Please double check your purchase before proceeding. (View our Terms and Conditions for more information).

  • Q: My download files expired or I lost them. How can I get them back?

A: Please email Trevor (support@higherrunning) with your purchase receipt of the training plan that you need resent, and he’d be happy to get you a new training plan.

  • Q: I’m a little worried about using a commercial or “cookie-cutter” plan – will it work for me?

A: We pride ourselves in making our Training Plans as flexible and adaptable to your lifestyle as possible. Each week, we give you a mileage range to work with. Additionally, our Training Guide will give you specifics on how to cope with life’s unexpected challenges. All of the paces/workouts are based off of your goals and what you want to accomplish.

  • Q: What plan should I do next after I finish the one I bought?

A: That’s a great question and would depend on several variables. We try to give our best descriptions of each training plan (and if the training plan is for you or not) on our website. This way you can make the best choice for you. 

  • Q: Do you have any open, one-on-one, coaching spots open?

A: Please check our Individual Coaching Page for any availability regarding one-on-one coaching. We rarely have spots open, but you can see if coaches are adding currently accepting waitlist members. We strongly suggest checking out our Higher Running Premium Membership if more personalized coaching is something you’re looking for. With the membership, you can Coaches Sandi and Sage questions whenever you want on our Discord or during our video meetings.