Individual Monthly Coaching

Here at Higher Running, we want to give you a training plan that not only helps you reach your goals but adds to the overall quality of your life. Over and over again, we’ve seen that joy and success, especially long-term success, go hand in hand. We’ll view you not only as an athlete but as a person with other responsibilities and passions. Our goal is to make runners faster, and when possible, we hope to also help people figure out how to use running as a tool to improve their lives.

While all coaches have studied a variety of training philosophies and will put together a plan best suited for you, the core of all training plans is based on how you are feeling. As 4-time Olympian Lorrain Moller (bronze medalist and co-founder of the Lydiard Foundation) would say, “Inner technology is better than anything you can get from a computer.” While we believe GPS watches and heart rate monitors can be useful tools (that we do use), we’ll be looking at how you’re feeling on a daily basis to make sure your training is ideal for you.

Though the core of our training philosophy is based on feeling, we also have a very scientific approach that will play a large part in how to design your training plan. Whenever you want us to, we can explain why we’re having you do certain things and what’s going on in your body during different runs. Our job and passion is to empower runners with all the knowledge they need to be successful.

Plans are customized to fit your schedule and specific needs and are much more detailed and interactive than our downloadable plans. Each coach only works with a small group of runners, giving you a truly personalized and premium experience.  Every single training plan we write for our athletes is built completely from scratch to meet their specific goals and needs. We offer unlimited feedback to all athletes. (Email and text whenever you want. Calls/Zoom can be up to ~2x month.) For no additional charge, many of our coaches can do a movement screening and a gait analysis. (Check each coach’s page to see the additional services they offer.) We’re always happy to talk about nutrition, race day strategy, strength training, cross-training, mindset training, etc… To sum it up, we’re “all in” in supporting you and in creating the best, most personalized training program for you. If you’re interested in monthly coaching, the first thing we’ll have you do is fill out a questionnaire so that we can start learning more about your running history, future goals, and more. After that, we’ll get in contact with you to discuss your answers and get your customized training schedule started along with a game plan to let you in on what we’ll be having you do and why.  Check out each coach’s individual page for pricing. Instead of a large setup fee, we ask for a 3-month commitment because we put in a lot of work upfront, not only making the first 2-3 week training plan but coming up with an outline for future months to help you reach your long and short-term goals.

We give 2-3 week training plans at a time, but always make a long-term plan to ensure sure different training phases are properly included. We also check to see if we need to make changes to the current week based on how your body is adapting and what your schedule looks like. Our training plans are set up so you can comment on each run and we can comment back as soon as we see you’ve made an update.

Please let us know if you have any questions!  



Coach Sandi is currently full. However, she does offer guidance along with coach Sage on our premium member forum. Visit her page for more info.

At this time, Coach Sage is currently full. However, he does offer guidance along with coach Sandi on our premium member forum.

Coach Ray is currently full. For more information, please visit her page.

Coach Rachael is currently full. For more information, please visit her page.

*It is important that our work remains accessible to as many as possible; that is why each coach offers a sliding scale for those who cannot afford the full price. Please contact your desired coach directly to inquire about sliding scale options.

More Questions?

For customer service, please email Trevor at

***You can opt-out of coaching at the end of any month (after the initial first 3 months), we just ask that you tell us a minimum of 2 weeks before your current month’s schedule ends since we always plan ahead. You can also just tell us if you want us to coach you up to a certain race.  This coaching is online only (text messages okay), but we’ll always get back to you as soon as possible!

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