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Andrew Dunn

“After running the 2016 Chicago Marathon in 4:13:54, I decided to look for a training plan to help improve my time. I followed a modified Hal Higdon advanced training plan. It worked well enough to bring my time down to 3:23:00 for the 2017 Chicago Marathon. However, it was very difficult to find time in my schedule to complete the numerous long mid-week runs. So I decided to look for a training plan that had less interval training during the week and more higher-intensity workouts on the weekend. I had been following Sage Canaday due my interest in plant-based athletes so I decided to check out Sage Runnings’ BQ Marathon Plan. The specific and detailed pacing instructions made it easier to gauge my progress and see if I am on track to reach my goals. The format was easy to follow and I enjoyed the motivational quotes as well. After completing the plan, I finished the 2018 LA Marathon in 3:02:15 and then completed the 2018 Illinois Marathon six weeks later in 2:59:09 after some rest then ramping up back up to repeat the end of the training plan. The Sage Runnings’ BQ Marathon Plan was a great resource that helped me reach my goals.”

Jim Lynch

“I’ve never been athletic but I became dangerously obese by the time I was 33. A coworker invited me to start coming to the company gym, and after a few weeks I went on a run. It wasn’t far, and it certainly wasn’t fast, but I LOVED it. After about 2 months I decided to run a marathon as my first official race, and purchased the beginner plan from your site after following your YouTube channels. I immediately began to see and feel a difference, and I ended up achieving my goal that fall by running a 4:09 at the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon, less than 11 months after starting my fitness journey as a 320 pound, never ran more than a mile, fat guy. Running has been literally life changing, and the inspiration from your channels and the well laid out and flexible training plan was a big part of doing something I NEVER thought I’d even consider doing. I’ve even gone vegan for the past nearly 2 years, in part from your influence!”

Tim Thompson

“I started running when I moved to Colorado, first as a way to get fit after wanting a more active lifestyle, and now I run because it represents freedom to me. I got 6 stress fractures back in 2004 because I didn’t know I had flat feet and forgot about running. I wasn’t competitive back then and was just doing it because I joined the military and had to run in basic. When I was moving to Colorado, I checked in with a podiatrist, who assured me flat feet doesn’t mean you can’t run and gave me orthotics. Haven’t had an issue with stress fractures at all since I started running but my mind was on injury prevention from the start. I started working with a coach right away, to make sure I didn’t do anything that got me hurt, but obviously I didn’t want to ask him questions 24/7. Sage’s YouTube Videos helped a lot, because they covered such a wide variety of topics fairly in-depth, so I was able to learn a TON about running pretty quickly just from watching his videos. Whether the subject was stride length, cadence, easy run pace, etc. seems like I was always able to find a video that covered it. With help from Sage’s YouTube Videos, I was able to learn the “why” behind what my coach was telling me to do, and also learned enough about running to keep myself out of trouble (mostly). This helped me go from a 53:30 in last year’s Bolder Boulder to 49:13 for this year’s Bolder Boulder. My half marathon time fell from 1:52:49 last November at the Monterey Bay Half Marathon at sea level to 1:48:25 at the Platte River Half Marathon here at altitude in Colorado. Sage’s videos helped a lot with that by allowing me to learn more about stride length, cadence, easy run pacing, and proper running form.”

Eric Lengell

“I started running three years ago, in May 2015, when a friend asked me to sign up for a half marathon trail race at Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin.  Running quickly became a welcome challenge, and I realized there was a lot more to the sport than I thought. I wanted to improve and sought out more information, which led me to Sage Canaday’s videos on YouTube.  After completing the half marathon, I figured I was in great shape to build towards a marathon, something I had wanted to accomplish but never thought was possible. Later that fall, I ran my first marathon in 3:42.  Since then, I have run six more marathons, dropping my times to 3:38, 3:34, 3:29, and (most recently) 3:27. Sage’s videos and training plans have helped me at each step of the journey–setting goals, dealing with minor injuries, executing workouts, running with proper form, and more.”

Paul Caldwell

“I purchased the 5-10k workout and achieved my goal.  I entered the Chicago Spring 10k this year and placed 8th overall (out of 1056 runners) and 1st in the Masters Division.  I set a personal best time. Just started running in November of 2017 and the Sage Running 5-10k plan was the first workout program I have purchased.”

Jarret J

“Hello, I just wanted to reach out and share that I ran a two hour and 56 minute marathon last Sunday at the Ventura marathon, beating my previous personal best in late October 2022 of four hours and 23 minutes. This was mainly due to the Higher running Boston qualifier plan that I used. The plan was amazing!”

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“I’m still struggling to find the right words to thank both of you for the coaching and advice.  What you two provide is more than just a spreadsheet with a training plan.  Both of you knew exactly what kind of training I needed to feel confident in a finish.  There was never once that I doubted that I was going to cross that finish line, and it was because I knew that I had a solid training base and that I could trust the training that I had done.  I’ve only been seriously running for about 4 years now and my first marathon was 2012 so your training over the last year has been truly transformative to my running. So from the bottom of my heart thank you for the individual and personal attention that you put into everyone of your athletes.”

Dusty J

“I have spent most of the last year training with Sage and Sandi and have had an awesome experience with them. I had been running for about 2 or 3 years prior to their coaching and had got my marathon time down to within 10 minutes of a BQ. I really had no experience with structured speed type workouts (intervals / tempo / etc.), so I wanted to learn how to do these workouts and to implement them into my schedule.

During our initial conversations I let Sage and Sandi know that my objective was to spend a few months with them to learn how to do these workouts and to how to build a solid schedule, with the intent of being able to do that on my own in the future. They were more than happy to help me and had no problem with that plan.

Over the months with them, they were always on top of everything going on with my training. I always knew the game plan and I always had my schedule well in advance so I knew what was coming. They responded to every daily workout as well as any questions I had regarding schedule changes, nutrition, injuries, shoes, or whatever else I could come up with. Even with their busy schedules, they were great about making sure that any questions were answered well in advance to any upcoming events. Through 2 training cycles I was able to get the 10 minutes off of my marathon time and got my first BQ this fall.

I would highly recommend their coaching service to anyone who is interested. If you want to speak with me personally about my experience, feel free to contact me directly (ask Sage and Sandi for my contact info).

Thanks Sage and Sandi for all of your help! You guys have been great and I am absolutely grateful for the opportunity to work with you guys!”


“After 365 days of working with you, I’m still in awe! I wanted to thank you, I am not the same Roby that wrote you for the first time, I’m a different athlete and person! Working with you guys not only helped me with my goals, it also helped to be a better version of me. Training with you guys has given me the tools, the confidence, the strength and the motivation to get out of my comfort zone and be the runner I’ve always wanted to be!”


“VO2 Max Coaching has helped to transform me from mid-pack marathoner and ultra newbie to a contender for the podium at distances from the marathon to 50 milers. The weekly schedules and workouts match up current performance with growth opportunities for endurance, speed and strength. They also pull from their firsthand experience and knowledge of the sport to provide tips for mental preparation and guidance for racing and training, enabling you to get your head around setting high goals and then achieving them. Whether you’re an elite or a newbie, V02 Max Coaching can deliver a program to get you where you want to go!”


“I never thought I would get a coach.  I know (or so I thought) a decent amount about running anyway,  so I did okay with my previous training.  However, as my schedule got busier I had less time (and want) to think about my own training schedule.  Plus, I am a classic over-trainer, and going to into an ultra over-trained really kicks your butt half way in.  When I let Vo2max take over my schedule, it was a huge relief!  I had coaches I could trust, are continually doing research on training, and confer with each other before answering my questions.  Most off, I knew they really cared about me- both personally and in running.  Under Vo2max, I placed first female in a local 50k that I fell apart in the year before- I was nearly in tears at the finish, both for myself and knowing how proud Sandi and Sage would be.  I also placed first female in trail marathon in the Cumberland Gap.  The first leg was 3 miles uphill- where I live in Ohio, Im luck if I get 3 minutes up.  Still, Vo2max found a way to tailor my training to get me the leg strength I needed.  I look forward to having their guidance in 2015 and I make my 100 mile comeback!”


“I subscribed to and followed your BQ marathon plan from your website and I just recently ran the NYC marathon! I was able to run 2:58 and qualify for the 2018 Boston Marathon (now all that awaits me is actually ascertaining my spot in that race)!!! I wanted to make sure you got word that your plan worked and my fitness and mental strength were in the shape they were Sunday due in such large part to your training plan.”


“Just wanted to let you know that after completing your 12 week half marathon plan I was able to run a half marathon PB on Sunday(1:45:21). It was my 2nd half marathon and a 9 minute improvement from my first half marathon 14 weeks ago. Thanks for your help and keep up the great work on YouTube!”


“I can not say enough good things about your training plans. Your plans along with your awesome videos have literally taken me from a lazy fat smoker to a fit and trim Ultra Runner. Your passion for our lifestyle and willingness to help us mere mortal runners is inspiring. My favorite thing about your plans is they really push you right to the edge but without going over. Keep up the great work.”


“Sage, Sandi I need pay respects where they are due for surpassing my HM goal of 1:30 – I have improved by 5:30 in 16 weeks in great part thanks to your support! I write only in great part as I did have to (after all) do the running! Your HM (half marathon) plan is easy to follow in that the documentation you provide is very simply served – there are no “what did they mean by this” issues… Come race-day I was confident that my body was prepared for what was about to happen to it, and this allowed me to push past what I thought was comfortable and possible for me to keep up for the duration – my body and your prep did not fail me, and I ran thru the finish with 20s to spare vs. my goal!”

Clark Heijbroek

“I have been running for 2 years and decided to train more seriously for the 50km race at the Salomon Trail Running Festival in Maine.  After following Sage & Sandi on YouTube I decided to buy their plans on Sage Running (I bought them all as I know I’ll need them at different stages).  I followed the Beginner’s 50km and really enjoyed the rhythm as well as the emphasis on your feeling/condition on some runs.  I managed to run more then I ever have without injury and also place 7th out of 245, first in my age group!  I can’t wait to start my next plan!  Thanks guys.”


“Just wanted to say thanks for putting together an amazing training plan. I used your advanced 50mile plan, and ran my fastest 100k just today! (8:51) I qualified for the Canadian 100k running team, and couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks guys!”


“Would just like to say thanks! After starting back running last August and joining a local running club in October I bought your 10k plan a few weeks ago.After being a fairly good swimmer in my teenage years I didn’t do much exercise during my Uni years. So, 3 stones lighter and 12 weeks on your plan I ran a 41.15 10k at a local race tonight. I could have gone faster had I gone further up the starting line but it’s all a learning experience. After my first mile I settled into my target pace and felt strong at the end. I’ve recommended your plans to all my fellow runners so thanks a bunch!!!!”

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