If you’ve been following us long enough, you’ve probably heard us talk about why mindset matters.

Today, Coach Sandi Nypaver shares another mindset tip that can impact your physical performance, happiness, relationship with others, and so much more!

And it’s this simple:

How you talk to yourself matters.

Have you ever taken the time to think about what you want your self-talk to look like and how you want to show up for yourself? ⁣⁣

If you want to make athletic performance gains, research shows that positive self-talk matters. If you grew up in an atmosphere like I did around sports, you might be familiar with the mindset that “pain is weakness leaving the body”, or that you should just “get it done no matter what, embracing the pain.” That’s not positive self-talk.

Now let’s talk about what positive self-talk actually looks like: Positive self-talk can include things like telling yourself, “You’ve got this,” or “You’re so strong!” Encourage yourself to do your best at the moment. You can even say things like, “You look good. This is good.” The key is to be supportive and kind to yourself, fostering a mindset that builds confidence and resilience.

There was a fun study that found telling people they look good actually helped with their running form. Just think of anything that works for you! I’ve provided some typical examples, but you can personalize it based on what you want to focus on. Consider what areas you want to improve and tailor your self-talk to address those specific goals.

Remember, the goal of positive self-talk is not just to boost performance but also to improve your overall mental well-being. Being kind to yourself can reduce stress, increase motivation, and make your athletic journey more enjoyable. So, next time you train, pay attention to your inner dialogue and make it a positive one. When you take that time, you start allowing yourself to create the life you want and become who you were meant to be.⁣

Create a great week!

  • Coach Sandi Nypaver