Below you’ll see this year’s season review questions. Together, Coaches Ray, Rachel, and Sandi put together these questions for their athletes, and we thought it could be helpful for our followers as well!

A little reflection can have a significant impact on continued progress in the future. Writing things down is always helpful because we can look back on things later and just the act of writing things down can leave a lasting impression.


Higher Running’s Learn & Grow Season Review 2023

What are some of the most important things you’ve learned this year? What were some of the main contributing factors in reaching or not reaching your goals?

Did you enjoy the training and are you relatively happy with the goals you chose this past season?

Is there any area that you feel you need to focus more on and if so, why? This could be a type of speed workout, technical trail running, strength training, or mindset training.

Have you been comfortable with your training volume? Do you feel like you can do more or do you need to cut back on training time? (Consider life stress, physical health, and mental health.)

Do you have any pain, discomfort, or imbalances that you need to create more time to address?

Which mindset skills have worked well for you? Is there any part of your mindset that you’d like to improve? (Example: I became better at shifting and controlling my focus as I was running. I still need to work on knowing that my self-worth does not come from my running.)

What brought you the most joy in your running this past season?

What are your goals and intentions for next season? (Goal Example: PR in my next 50k. Intentions Example: I’d like to build more confidence in myself and enjoy more runs instead of feeling rushed to get them done.)