The Mind-Body 50km Beginner/Intermediate Plan

Mental guidance and text by Coach Ray, with run workouts by Coach Sandi and Sage

Plan Details

Distance: 50K

Goal: PR

Weekly Volume Max: 50-60 miles / 80-96km

Experience Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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About This Plan

This is a mind, body, spirit plan that is designed to not only help you reach your physical peak and race your best 50k, but also to help you live the adventure of your dreams.  Running, especially in nature, gives us a beautiful opportunity to dig deeper, explore new aspects of ourselves, and find the freedom that lies within. The guide included with this plan is meant to support you on your journey by looking at psychological and spiritual factors that make up who you are, so you can break through barriers that might be holding you back. 

By encompassing the mind and spirit with the body, this plan will help strengthen you as a WHOLE person. While life is a continual journey of growth, having a strong foundation in each facet of yourself will lead you to your best performance, both in running and in life. 

Is This Plan for You?

This plan is for first time 50k runners or runners who typically run less than 50 miles (80km) per week. It’s a great plan for marathoners looking to move up to 50ks, or ultra runners looking to improve their 50k times. This plan tops out at 50-60 miles (80-96km) per week and will include challenging workouts to give you the best possible chance to reach your goals.      To start this plan, we suggest that you’ve been running at least 20-25 miles (32-40km) per week for the last few weeks, but have previously run at least 40-50 miles (64-80km) per week in the past. If you haven’t run a single week over 40 miles (64km) per week in your running career yet, we highly recommend that you take several months (or even a year) to build up your mileage base so you are consistently averaging at least 35 to 45 miles (56-72km) per week on a regular basis without any serious injury before starting this training program. 

What’s Included:

A 16-week calendar grid chart with everyday specifically detailed with a training workout. The plan progresses with periodized phases to build your fitness, speed and strength so that you peak for your goal race in 16 weeks time. 

All training plans come with a page of guidelines to help you understand each type of run and give you advice for your upcoming training. Also included is a training zone intensity chart that visually defines key workout efforts. Also included is the Key Training Zone Intensity Chart that visually defines key workout efforts.

The Higher Running Strength Training Plan designed specifically for runners.

The Higher Running Mind Body 50km Beginner-Intermediate Intermediate-Advanced Training Plan™

Why our plans are different

This plan is derived from the theories and practices of the most legendary distance running coaches and exercise scientists from around the world: Arthur Lydiard, Jack Daniels, Renato Canova, and Peter Pfitzinger to name a few. Unlike other “cookie-cutter” training plans that just list mileage and a general pace, this Higher Running plan gives you essential specifics on how to do workouts at the right intensity for the most beneficial training stimuli. Furthermore, it does not follow a strict 7-day cycle (like most competitor’s plans), because at Higher Running we believe some workouts take longer to recover from and adapt to. Therefore sometimes recovery running days are extended and shortened appropriately to give you an ideal boost in fitness. Most other plans do not take this kind of periodization into consideration. Our Higher Running guideline gives you the information you need to make the plan more specific to your needs and the race you’re training for.

We realize that great coaching is both a science and an art – and we’ve used this philosophy (as well as knowledge gained from our own careers as runners) along with experience from coaching many others, to create a plan that emphasizes consistent, smart progression: A true Higher Running™ experience!

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