Coach Sage

Coach Sage Canaday has been running year-round ever since his 7th grade soccer coach told him he was “better off without the ball.”  A self proclaimed “running nerd,” Sage has read lot of training and exercise science books over the past 20 years of being involved in the sport. His running and training has been influenced by his NCAA DI teammates and coaches in college, his experience as a sponsored road marathoner in the Hansons-Brooks Olympic Development Distance Project, as well as doing #AnySurfaceAnyDistance races around the world as a pro MUT (Mountain-Ultra-Trail) Runner.

He has a BS in Design with a concentration in Human Factors and Ergonomics from Cornell University as well as 3 years of speciality running store experience fitting hundreds of runners and walkers at all levels with all brands of running shoes.

Since Sage started MUT Running in 2012 he has become a 3-time US National Champion (12km Mountain Running, 100km Trail Running and Trail Marathon events), as well a 2014 World Long Distance Mountain Running Champion. He is a 3-time Speedgoat 50km Champion, a 2-time Lake Sonoma 50-mile champion and a 2-time Tarawera 100km champion. 

On the roads Sage is a 2-time US Olympic Trials qualifier in the Marathon (2:16:52 personal best), and has placed in the top 20 overall at both the Boston (16th place in 2:19:12)  and Chicago Marathons (17th place in 2:19:18). He was also 8th place at the USA National Marathon Championships in LA (12th place in 2:20:02).

Sage has focused his efforts on reaching as many runners as possible (both individuals brand-new to the sport as well as experienced runners) with his Youtube channel “Vo2max Productions” and across social media. His goal is help you become as healthy as possible and to keep enjoying  the sport of running…and of course running fast and setting personal records along the way too if you wish!

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