UPDATED WORKOUTS: https://higherrunning.com/strength-warm-up-premium-members/

The All In Core Routine: 

Pick anywhere from 4 to 8 exercises and then and do 2-3 rounds of each exercise. Example: 3 x (Clams, Planks, Frog Bridge and Step Ups). Most of these exercises should be done for 10-15 reps. If that feels too easy, a resistance band should be added or weight needs to be increased. Harder is not always better. The focus should ALWAYS be on good form. You may be able to do easier core sessions before a run, but typically we suggest that any type of strength training is done post-run to not compromise the quality of a run.

  • ●  Clams
  • ●  Side Planks
  • ●  Side Bridge with Band
  • ●  Donkey Kicks
  • ●  Frog Bridge
  • ●  J. Lo’s
  • ●  Standing Fire Hydrants
  • ●  Diagonal Backs
  • ●  Side Lunge
  • ●  Lunges
  • ●  2 to 3 Point Planks- Can do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute or aim for 10 to 16 arm or leg raises. Hold plank position while lifting one arm or leg or both one leg and opposite arm off the ground. The key is to keep your core stable (little movement) as you lift an arm or leg. Your pelvis should be neutral or in posterior tilt so this is not felt in your lower back. If you can’t maintain a stable core while lifting one arm or foot, start with a regular plank and work your way up.
  • ●  Single-Leg Glute Bridge
  • ●  Single-Leg Deadlifts- First master with your bodyweight, then add in weights or use a band.
  • ●  Hip Thrusts
  • ●  Step-Ups- Squeeze your butt (glutes) at the top.
  • ●  Flutter Kicks (Work your way to not needing to place your hands underneath your bottom.)
  • ●  Elevated Hip Flexor March
  • ●  Hamstring Curls
  • ●  Run Primer

More ideas for a proper pre-run warm-up: ​https://youtu.be/ZUvJlwMvJPY